About the Author - Jerry L. Lane: A Life of Service and Family Values

The renowned writer and 21-year Army veteran Jerry L. Lane was born and raised in the charming Georgian town of Morris Station. His rural Georgian upbringing gave him a strong sense of dedication, compassion, and community. Jerry's story, the eleventh of 12 children, is a tribute to the value of service and family values.

Jerry is a proud graduate of Cuthbert, Georgia's Randolph County Comprehensive High School, and his dedication to learning and personal development is evident in his career. The beauty of Prosperity, South Carolina, where he currently resides, inspires him as a father of a daughter and a devoted grandfather of four grandchildren. To find out more about Jerry's background and his support for the nonprofit Show Them We Care Foundation, which helps underprivileged children and families, connect with him on LinkedIn. Jerry shows a profound awareness of the virtues of love, compassion, and community in both his life and writings.

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