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"The Good Rag’s Chronicles"

Synopsis:  The summer break assignment was fun, travelling around to gather artifacts from museum. Alongside these artifacts, Jeri got a rag from one of the museums. However, she was not prepared for the rag’s magic, neither is she prepared for the great travel and thrill as she took on a different form and was placed through a time travel to the past.
Embark on a captivating journey with Jeri as she sets out on a summer assignment to collect museum artifacts. But when she discovers a magical rag, her adventure takes an unexpected turn as she's thrust into a thrilling time-traveling escapade.
Join Jeri as she travels through the past, encountering ancient civilizations and pivotal moments in history. Along the way, she learns valuable lessons about friendship, courage, and the power of embracing the unknown.
Prepare to be enchanted by this spellbinding tale of adventure and discovery.

NEW RELEASES: Savoir Faire & Sour Onions

Introducing Culinary Excellence - "Savoir Faire"
"Cam's world comes to a full stop when his teacher requests to see him after an unfortunate test result. Extremely worried and anxious, Cam discovers that his ADHD is proving too much for him to handle alone. With the assistance of the people in his life, his teacher, his mother, his grandfather, and his godmother, Cam finds a certain solace in their wise council and kind words. Still, it is not until Cam visits the Jungle of Life, a mysterious place full of infinite possibilities that his horizon truly expands, and Cam gets a chance to shape his life exactly as how he desires it to be."

Discover a Whimsical Adventure - "Sour Onions"
"Julia was raised in her parents’ protective hold, cherished like the vibrant yet delicate flower she was. Like nature, she was an alluring array of petals to behold; sweet, graceful, enticing, yet entirely innocent. When James took the community children on a hike, he saw the beautiful flowers in the open field. The flower beckoned to him; its beautiful petals resonated with an innocence and intoxicating fragrance. When he approached it, James realized how deeply rooted this flower was in the soil of her small hometown. However, he was like a flower, too, so he could relate to her. They shortly both engaged on a journey filled with love, romance, and trust. It felt like a fairytale until a dark cloud began looming on the horizon of their blossoming relationship. The thorn struck the petals, tearing them to shreds, turning the flower into a former version of herself."


The Code: Vol. 1

When night falls on Earth, something strange is stirring on the horizon. Scientists and researchers observe the occurrence and get together to look into it since they think the worst is still to come. While they are at work, life on Earth continues, albeit not in the conventional sense. Starting in the early morning hours with a strange call. People gradually start to realize that they will never be the same and that this unique tragedy is tearing apart their lives.

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Hair Shop Drama

"The humor of Mr. Jerry L. Lane, the owner of a busy barbershop, and the colorful people who come into his life are highlighted in this book. It gives us a happy diversion from the fast-paced, frequently stressful world we live in. "The humor of Mr. Jerry L. Lane, the owner of a busy barbershop, and the colorful people who come into his life are praised in this book. An enjoyable diversion from the hectic and frequently stressful world we live in, it provides a happy escape."

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The Nubians' Gold Loins - Now Available in eBook Format!

The chance that Crystal, a bright-minded and intensely curious person, has long desired is presented to her. The answers to her most pressing questions might finally be at hand as she sets out on this journey, which starts with a stunning flash of light and ends in an unexpected place.

Accepting her deep desire to learn more about the meaning of humanity's purpose and her own, Crystal is taken on an incredible journey of self-discovery with the most unlikely of friends.

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Destiny's Walk

Readers who read Destiny's Walk are equipped with ideal information that outlines practical values. All things considered, Destiny's Walk presents a problem in a way that is both broad and educational, while also providing information about how this problem is presented. As someone who wasn't too familiar with this way of living, I think the subject was presented in a clear and succinct manner, and I have not only become interested in the topic but have also grown to value and recognize the enticing and endearing way it was discussed. Destiny's Walk is a book full of charming anecdotes and wise words, presented in a way that makes it enjoyable to read from start to finish. This ensures that the book will appeal to a broad audience.

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About the Author - Jerry L. Lane: A Life of Service and Family Values

The renowned writer and 21-year Army veteran Jerry L. Lane was born and raised in the charming Georgian town of Morris Station. His rural Georgian upbringing gave him a strong sense of dedication, compassion, and community. Jerry's story, the eleventh of 12 children, is a tribute to the value of service and family values.

Jerry is a proud graduate of Cuthbert, Georgia's Randolph County Comprehensive High School, and his dedication to learning and personal development is evident in his career. The beauty of Prosperity, South Carolina, where he currently resides, inspires him as a father of a daughter and a devoted grandfather of four grandchildren. To find out more about Jerry's background and his support for the nonprofit Show Them We Care Foundation, which helps underprivileged children and families, connect with him on LinkedIn. Jerry shows a profound awareness of the virtues of love, compassion, and community in both his life and writings.

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Omarion D Hammond is currently a high school student in Columbia, South Carolina. His academic hard work has him scheduled for early graduation. He is the apple of his mother's eye. He also has a younger brother Cameryn Jaivaun Hammond, and two younger sisters Raelyn Nequess Hammond and Lennox Khai-Nequess Lane-Hammond.

Jerry’s profile information: (four grandchildren” Jerry has one daughter and four grandchildren and currently resides in Prosperity, South Carolina. Connect with Jerry on Linked In.

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